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To celebrate 15 years of Villa Education Trust, we are working with ‘Matthew Syed Speaking’ to present Matthew’s 'Mindset for Education' in New Zealand this November.

Join us in Auckland or Wellington for an interactive workshop with Matthew's accredited consultant Rob Carpenter (from the UK).  The session will cover what Growth Mindset is, why it is important and the evidence that supports it.  It will give you the tools to build resilience in students and staff and enable them to face challenge in a complex world.

In addition, 21C Skills Lab founders Justine Munro and Faye Langdon, will discuss 'Tomorrows skills for today's students'. Faye and Justine will talk about the key skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world and give an insight into how they aim to ensure every young New Zealander has the knowledge and skills to succeed in tomorrow's world of work and to navigate a lifelong journey of learning and earning. 




A model for education in the 21st Century

The Villa Education Trust established Mt Hobson Middle School in 2002, where its academic model has been proven. In 2014 the Trust opened a Partnership School in South Auckland with a second opening in West Auckland in 2015.  The success of these schools has led to increased rolls at both sites for the 2017 academic year. 

Most schools are based on a 19th Century model and build innovations on old foundations. The Villa Education Trust model, for Years 7-10, was created to suit students learning in the 21st Century and brings an ideal means of teaching and learning in the information age. 

The programme involves all students in fantastic learning experiences and caters for all intelligence traits and learning styles. Academic standards are high and expectations of the students are both demanding and fully supported. Teaching staff are given minimal administrative tasks as their prime focus is to teach to the very best of their ability.

Our model works by bringing the outside world into the classroom and by taking the classroom outside. Through a unique day structure, we ensure students are highly engaged throughout the school day.

Here you can see what our growth mindset and unique approach means to one of our families:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp91hV8x0qo

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- Teach the New Zealand Curriculum to a very high standard.
- Have highly qualified and outstanding teachers.
- Have small class sizes.
- Provide a core programme that consists of Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies and Technology
- Develop students' independent learning skills, through cross-curricular projects.
- Are inclusive of, and work closely with, families and the local community.
- Track and support students after they have moved to their Year 11-13 schools.
- Have state-of-the-art ICT.
- Offer outstanding sports development through top quality organisations.


To find out more, please browse this website or view the following links:

Click to go to the South Auckland Middle School website

Click to go to the Mt Hobson Middle School website (incorporating the Villa NCEA Academy, for years 11-13).

Click to go to the Middle School West Auckland website.



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