The Villa NCEA Academy

VNA boyThe Villa NCEA Academy ('the VNA') opened in February 2016.  It offers a truly unique, individualized educational experience that fully engages your child at the most critical time in their schooling.  Children enrolling in years 11-13 follow the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) pathway as well as experience a level of support and teaching style that motivates them to learn and mature their thinking.

Co-located at Mt Hobson Middle School, in Newmarket, Auckland, the VNA offers just 24 places, with no more than 12 to a class, and is able to tailor learning to support students in achieving their academic and personal goals.  A full range of NCEA subjects are available for study and are chosen in consultation with the student, parents/caregivers and the academy staff.  The school day for academy students begins at midday and ends at 5.15pm to allow time during the morning for  students times during the morning to complete homework tasks,

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 VNA girls