South Auckland Middle School

sam kids backsSouth Auckland Middle School, for boys and girls in Years 7-10, is located at 198 Mahia Road, Manurewa. Led by Principal Wendy Grieg, the school has a maximum roll of 180 spread across three villas, with each overseen by an experienced academic manager.  

The school provides an excellent academic programme through an integrated, project-based curriculum, reflecting the Eight Essential Learning Areas as stated in the NZ Curriculum - overlaid by a clear Christian philosophy and Christian values.

Parents are an integral part of school life and are kept informed of their child’s progress. Each child has their own programme and expert educators know their educational and personal needs and strive to ensure they are met. Each child’s interest areas are affirmed and they have the opportunity to develop the capacity to direct their own learning.

South Auckland Middle School aims to develop the individual talents of every one of its students and to teach them to relate the experience to, and learn through, the everyday world. The school promotes the basics at all times and we concentrate on students developing their ability to do all assessments effectively and to the best of their ability. Good behaviour, social skills and good manners are also taught and expected at all times.  

We take full advantage of the excellent learning resources in the community. Our unique day structure focuses on academic work in the mornings with afternoons dedicated to community learning, sports, art and music.

We charge no fees and offer free uniforms and stationery.    Sams kids flyer foto

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